Imvelo Safari Lodges – Community and Conservation Programs.

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For over two decades, Imvelo Safari Lodges has worked hard to connect people and nature and implement practices that mutually benefit tourism, conservation and community development.

With the support of generous donors and friends, Imvelo and its projects generate significant benefits for both the people and wildlife that make Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park so magical.

Projects focus on sustaining water security for the wildlife inside of the Park, as well as on providing water and food for the people living along its boundaries and often alongside its wildlife. Education and healthcare are also priorities and include projects for school lunches, school bursaries, infrastructure, textbooks, workshops, stationary, outreach programs and the Ngamo Clinic. Finally, the Community Rhino Conservation Initiative exemplifies community-based conservation and is having ripple effects throughout the communities.

Thank you for your interest in supporting these important and powerful projects!



Help Imvelo protect Hwange’s people and wildlife

Please contribute to Imvelo’s conservation and community initiatives. In the US, your donation is 100% tax-deductible thanks to the generosity of Wildlife Protection Solutions.

      • $20  - provides school lunches for 20 children for at least one week.
      • $150  - supports the training of one local villager to become a  community wildlife protection scout for a month.
      • $500 - helps us maintain one community manual water pump throughout the entire dry season.
      • $6,000 - allows us to drill and equip a borehole with a bush pump, providing water to 100 households.
      • $7,000 - helps us maintain and run one solar hybrid pump for wildlife during the dry season.
      • $9,500 - enables us to provide a 30 ton truck of the staple maize meal to communities.



You can make a real difference!
With your support, Imvelo can continue to:

Water for wildlife
Cobras scouts

Maintain 18 wildlife pumps in and around Hwange. These units pump over 165 million liters of water to the surface throughout the year for thousands of elephants and a number of other animals.

Drill water wells and maintain over 100 wells in the area. These water points provide clean water to thousands of people in our frontline communities around Hwange. Drilling new wells and repairing old ones is a never ending need.

Support the education of over 3,000 children. This includes providing school lunches, student sponsorships, improved infrastructure, water and food access, supplies and textbooks.

Deliver food aid to isolated and drought-stricken villages until productive harvests re-establish food security. Over the last three years, we managed to deliver 130 tons of maize meal to our frontline communities prior to the rains.

Water for people
School lunches
Ngamo Clinic

Support the Community Rhino Conservation Initiative and the Cobras Community Wildlife Protection Unit. The Cobras Community Wildlife Protection Unit are a group of scouts, all of whom are from the local villages. They have been trained in first aid, conservation education, communications, weapons handling, conservation law and rhino monitoring to be able to best support and protect the area's wildlife as well as alleviate human-wildlife tensions. They have trained hard and are the direct guardians of the Community Rhino Conservation Initiative («CRCI») rhinos. CRCI is benefitting local communities which are proactive in rhino conservation and the Initiative is growing by engaging more communities along Hwange National Park’s boundary. Read more about this here: www.hwangecommunityrhino.com

Improve access to healthcare by building infrastructure such as the Ngamo Clinic and by delivering the annual Smile and See Safari. Over the course of the past 13 years, volunteer dentists and optometrists from Spain and Italy have provided over 36,000 rural Zimbabweans with free dental and eye care. A further 200 people have beneffited with life-changing free cataract surgeries. In addition, the Ngamo Clinic has been built and equipped and has been treating patients since September 2022, serving about 5,000 people in the area.

Support the Ngamo Lions Soccer Academy. The Academy supports a number of boys and girls from the surrounding villages. The aim is to instill a love of the game, provide mentorship, promote teamwork, and produce talented young players. A fence, water tank and grand stand are up, as is a building that comprises a storeroom, coach’s accommodation, and ablutions.


Your donation is 100% tax-deductible in the USA
Wildlife Protection Solutions, a registered 501(c)(3) organization, transfers all donated funds directly to the Imvelo Safari Lodges’ Water4Wildlife Trust to the programs where it is most needed.


For more information on all of Imvelo's Community and Conservation programs and how you can help, visit Hwange Needs You.



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