Wild Animals In Virtual Reality . . . Up Close And Personal



What is it like to be face-to-face with a lion?  What about an elephant?  What about a herd of elephants?  A pride of lions?  An implausibility of wildebeest?  Would you be scared?  Thrilled?  Or would you simply revel in the majesty that these wild animals inherently bring out in your soul?

For most people, it’s always of each of these feelings . . . followed by a strong feeling of want and empathy.


Our team has been working directly with endangered wildlife in Africa and beyond . . . closer than ever before.  With the most recent advents in 360 filming technology for cameras and headsets, we wanted bring you with us, face to face with some of the most amazing creatures on Earth.

So we’re bringing you you twice weekly videos of animals in the wild in their natural state.


1. Elephants in 360 4K – Bird’s Eye View:

These elephants were filmed with the help from our friends at the Knysna Elephant Park.  They are all rescued elephants, that we captured after securing our 360 camera to a nearby tree.  It’s amazing to see the detail in their skin as they pass underneath.  Notice how the last one tusk-lifts the second out of the way and down the trail.


2. Lions in 360 4K Nuzzle And Play Like Cats

These lions are just a few of the amazing pride at Mongena Game Lodge at the DinoKeng Game Reserve.  They are just like big cats and do all of the same things any ordinary house cat would do . . . sit around and sleep all day.  Once in a while, we will catch them in the act of the hunt, and we will bring that to you when they do.


3. Giraffe in 360 4K Investigates Camera And Runs Away.

There is nothing quite like a giraffe up close and personal.  This one checks out our camera in a very inquisitive manner, and then manages to run off.  Giraffe are unique because they very much walk like a camel, and run like a horse.  Truly a magnificent animal of Africa.


-The Team at Wildlife Protection Solutions



Wildlife Protection Solutions
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