UAV Program

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Program is comprised of field testing and training for organizations interested in using UAVs, or drones, to locate and protect wildlife.

WPS field-tests Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technologies, commonly known as drones, to understand how drones can augment traditional anti-poaching methods and be used effectively to watch, protect, and locate wildlife using the wpsWatch system.


In the United States, WPS staff develops UAV patrol tactics and then field tests their real-world applications internationally at our South Africa location. Aerial missions include:

  • Patrolling fence-lines
  • Deterring poaching incidents
  • Identifying intruders
  • Discovering signs of intruders such as traps, snares, campsites
  • Pursuing intruders
  • Insuring aviation safety

WPS shares knowledge gained in test flights and use-cases with other game reserves and parks seeking to use UAVs to combat poaching and to identify and protect wildlife. WPS also conducts flight patrols for organizations in need of aerial surveillance.



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  • Without the support of organizations like Wildlife Protection Solutions, the anti-poaching program won’t be a success.

    Mongena Game Lodge
  • We are privileged to be able to use our technological expertise in the service of wildlife conservation and specifically to the development and support of technological solutions to support wildlife trafficking investigation and prosecution.

    Four Winds Interactive
  • The information we received from the wpsWatch System was invaluable and certainly saved rhino lives. When I left this morning, there were three rhino on the plains in the reserve. They could have been dead if we weren’t able to act expeditiously the past few days.

    Dinokeng Game Reserve