Great Horned Owl Education with Nature’s Educators | Wildlife in 360 VR

Devin Jaffe presents the great horned owl. These raptors are among the largest owl species and like most owls, they make use of stealth for hunting. The horns atop their heads are called plumicorns, and their lightbulb shaped eyes allow them to see very well in low light. Due to their natural-colored plumage, they well camouflaged both while active at night and while roosting during the day. During the daytime they roost usually in large trees (including snags & large hollows but usually thick branches) but may occasionally be in crevices or small caves in rocks or in dense shrubbery.

Nature’s Educators is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational wildlife organization based in Sedalia, Colorado. Nature’s Educators is licensed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service to care for nonreleasable birds of prey and their mission is to elevate the care and protection of wildlife by fostering memorable connections that inspire our community to become more environmentally conscious through collaboration, education, and rehabilitation.

Filmed in 5K 360.

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