Gemsbok (Oryx) Claims Their Watering Hole | Wildlife in 360 VR

Gemsbok, or South African Oryx, is seen visiting a watering hole in Namibia.  The gemsbok chase away a variety of other animals including ostrich, kudu, and even each other.  Watering holes not only provide a source of hydration for the visiting animals but also serve as a location to graze.

The gemsbok is a species of large antelope recognizable in part by their nearly straight horns.  Both sexes of gemsbok have horns with the female’s being slightly longer and more slender and the male’s being shorter and thicker.  The species forms mixed-gender herds, unlike other antelope species which form male-dominant harems, and are the National Animal of Namibia. 

Filmed in 5K 360.

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