Eastern Screech Owl Education with Nature’s Educators | Wildlife in 360 VR

Devin Jaffe of Nature’s Educators describes the eastern screech owl, which are small crepuscular raptors. These birds tend to have a lighter colored beak than their cousins, the western screech owl. The facial dish of this type of owl is formed so that the feathers help filter sound into their asymmetrical ears. The left ear is slightly higher than eye level and the right ear is slightly lower which helps the owl to triangulate where a sound is coming from.

Nature’s Educators is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational wildlife organization based in Sedalia, Colorado. Nature’s Educators is licensed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service to care for non releasable birds of prey and their mission is to elevate the care and protection of wildlife by fostering memorable connections that inspire our community to become more environmentally conscious through collaboration, education, and rehabilitation.


Filmed in 5K 360

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