Ancient Koa Tree Poached

Did you know that poaching isn’t just an crisis among animals around the world? What first comes to mind is always elephants, rhinos, and now more commonly pangolins, tigers, and even turtles. These are some of the most poached and trafficked animals on Earth, but there is also a network...

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Speaking the Language of Conservation

For anyone, to plan a holiday (vacation) is one of the most exciting times.  The urge to see the beauty of a new place makes it so much more adventurous. From the moment the idea arises to the moment a person boards the plane or boat, it feels like time...

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Permission at the Pu’u Kukui Preserve

Permission. “Permission” is not a word we often think about when it comes to the natural world. Our society tends to approach nature as something it is entitled to use, entitled to explore, entitled to exploit, even entitled to kill. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Humans, despite some...

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The Lion Whisperer

You’ll never forget the first time you watch a Kevin Richardson lion video. They’re—somehow—simultaneously heart-stopping and heart-warming. The lions are so excited to see him, they run directly toward him… and us in the camera! They throw their paws around his neck. They wrestle him to the ground. They nuzzle and...

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Cracking The Poachers Code

A couple of sticks. A small pile of rocks. On first glance, you might not give either a second look in the African wilderness. A closer inspection, however, reveals those “couple of sticks” are actually laid out in a curious, unnatural, almost symbolic way. And that “small pile of rocks”?...

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Up Close And Personal With The White Rhino

Some of our most dedicated supporters joined WPS on an adventure of a lifetime.  In order to test for sterility to encourage rhino births, and to monitor for genetic diversity, our team recently darted all of the white rhinos we work with in South Africa. Southern white rhinos were nearly extinct...

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Bloodwork And Healthy Rhino Populations

At the beginning of the 20th century many people thought the white rhinoceros had gone completely extinct.  Turns out there were just a few left . . . on the order of a few hundred . . . and throughout the last 120 years, there has been a concerted effort...

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WPS Aids in Undercover Poaching Sting

A WPS team member writes of their recent participation in an undercover sting to catch poachers in Namibia. Names and areas where the informants operate have been intentionally left out so as not to jeopardize the safety of those involved and of future intelligence efforts. Recently I was in Namibia...

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