Wildebeest and Zebra Cross the Croc Filled Mara River

Wildebeest and zebra cautiously cross the crocodile infested Mara river, unfortunately not everyone makes it across. Wildebeest often graze in mixed herds with zebra, which gives heightened awareness of potential predators. Numerous documentaries feature wildebeest crossing rivers, with many being eaten by crocodiles or drowning in the attempt. Recent research...

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Leopard Cubs at Play

A pair of leopard cubs play with their mother’s tail and with one another. Females continue to interact with their offspring even after weaning and have been observed sharing kills with them. Leopards are active mainly from dusk till dawn and rest for most of the day and for some...

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Barbary Falcon and Harris’s Hawk Education with Nature’s Educators | Wildlife in 360 VR

Devin Jaffe of Nature’s Educators provides a high-level comparison between hawks and falcons to help observers distinguish the differences between the two. Nature’s Educators is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational wildlife organization based in Sedalia, Colorado. Nature’s Educators is licensed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service to care for nonreleasable...

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Giraffe Walk-Over | Wildlife in 360 VR

An undercarriage view of a giraffe as it walks over. A giraffe has only two gaits: walking and galloping. The animal relies on the forward and backward motions of its head and neck to maintain balance and counter momentum while galloping. Giraffes and a few other animals such as brown...

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